Below are some of our most common questions, if you have any additional questions please get in touch.

Am I capable of completing this challenge?

If you are a regular sportive rider or keen cyclist who regularly completes events of 80-100 mile rides you should have no problem. If you can complete the 100 miles around 15mph average, then you should complete the event.

How many riders and groups are there?

We can only take a maximum of 80 riders due to support and hotel limitations. We create 3 or 4 rider groups initially depending on the riders expected pace. We may create more rider groups for safety reasons but all groups will consist of riders with similar ability.

Have you ever have anyone not finish?

Unfortunately and very rarely some don’t complete the whole ride. We reserve the right to remove riders at any time and at any point for their own safety and the safety of others.

Are there support vehicles?

They are 4 vans in total to assist the riders if needed.

Is food provided on route?

Food and drinks are only available at designated food stops, riders are advised to carry food and drinks between stops.

What happens to my luggage?

You need to bring your overnight bag to registration where it will be taken off you and transported to the hotel. You collect your luggage when you check in on completing day 1.

What should I bring with me?

You should bring everything you would normally carry for an overnight stay in a hotel plus any spare cycling clothing.

Can I bring a small bag to exchange clothing on route?

We encourage all riders to bring a small draw sting type bag that can be placed in a van and will be accessible at food stops. It will not be accessible on route.

How are hotel rooms allocated?

Participants need to indicate on their application form if they wish to share with a friend. You will receive further emails closer to the ride of preference. We will always do our best to accommodate every request.


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