Cash For Kids

Clive's Cumbrian Way made a difference in 2011 through Cash for Kids, raising £5200.

Cash for Kids gets applications for specialist bikes and here are some of the kids we have helped:

Zach -  suffers from cerebral palsy and development delay. The money from this year's Clive's Cumbrian Way will pay for a tricycle for Zach.

Ellie - is autistic and finds it difficult to access physical activity. She likes cycling but due to lack of balance she needs a specialist trike. The money from Clive's Cumbrian Way was used to buy the bike.

Reuben - suffers from delay in his gross motor development and has recently learned to walk and a bike would help strengthen his legs and help improve his balance and co-ordination. Cash for Kids provided Reuben with a new bike.

Georgina -  requires on-going operations due to illness when she was a baby. She has growth problems with her bones which has impaired her ability to walk. Cash for kids bought a special bike so she can be more independent and can be like 4 siblings and her friends.

Matthew -  has Cerebral Palsy in his legs, which means he can't walk unaided. A tricycle would strengthen his legs and give him some independence. His mum asked for a special tricycle for him worth over £900 which we were happy to supply.

Cash for Kids would like to thank everyone who took part in the ride and everyone who sponsored a rider or just supported the event. The money raised will make a real difference to children's lives.


Clive's Cumbrian Way supports The Great North
Air Ambulance and Macmillan Cancer Support.

All donations gratefully received. Every penny we
can raise for the charities really does makes a