Although the Honister 92 Club, organise the Clive's Cumbrian Way annually the long term mission is to raise awareness and highlight the potential of this little used route through some of the most scenic countryside that Britain has to offer.

The organisers are confident that this ride will appeal to the cycling masses of varied abilities and once implemented can be undertaken over a numbers of days.

On the route there are numerous small cafes, hostels and hotels that will know doubt benefit from the business this opportunity will offer. Are you one of these?

The economic benefit to local businesses can be considerable, as was seen by Visit Hull and East Yorkshire tourism office appraisal of the economic impact of the Way of the Roses, Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route and the Big Skies routes. They found that riders on day trips were spending an average of £16.39 while riders on staying trips were spending £188.06 on average. This equated to an additional £350,000 being spent with rural businesses in a three-month period.

In April 2007 a report was published into The Economic Impact of Cycle Tourism in North East England. The report covered the four cycle routes in North East England that made a notable contribution to the regional tourism economy:

  • The Coast to Coast (C2C) Cycle Route.
  • The Coast and Castles Cycle Route.
  • Hadrian’s Cycleway.
  • The Pennine Cycleway (northern section), form part of the National Cycle Network.

They found, those parts of the four routes lying within the North East region attracted 302,000 cycle trips in 2006; the combined total for the whole of the routes (North East and North West region) exceeds half a million.

Route users contributed £9.6 million of direct expenditure to the North East economy in 2006.

This represents a value of £13.4 million to the wider regional economy.

This supports 216 jobs in the immediate vicinity of the routes in the North East.

In 2006 route users from out-of-region visiting the North East generated £5.9 million, supporting 95 full-time equivalent jobs. Users attribute an additional amenity value of £1.7 million to the routes in the North East.

The economic benefits to local businesses are clear, if you feel can help support this venture in whatever capacity please feel free email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we really need local support to make this tourist attraction become a reality and a magnet for cycling enthusiast to our county.


Clive's Cumbrian Way supports The Great North
Air Ambulance and Macmillan Cancer Support.

All donations gratefully received. Every penny we
can raise for the charities really does makes a